The Gap 440 Entry Form 5-7 July 2024

DriverNavigator | Co-DriverClassCar NumberTeamClub
Simon TuckerKyle TuckerClass 1110Adelaide Buggy Club
David LoughnanJake StevensonClass 1104South East Queensland Off Road Racing Association SEQORRA
Jason RichardsSAM RICHARDSClass 1119Choose an AORRA Affiliated Club
Brendan ForssmanLeigh WhitehandClass 2202Geelong Off Road Buggy Association
John SmithGrant ManionClass 4445Gawler Road Knights
Darren MottDaniel FloydClass 4435Sea Lake Off Road Club
Steven von PeinSteven BilbyClass 4422Burdekin Offroaders Inc
Paul Grant Class 4405Sydney Off Road Racing Association
Matthew HummerAron LukschanderlClass 6633Victorian Off Road Racing Association VORRA
Aaron NicollGreg NicollClass 6665Gympie Auto Sports Club
Ross NewmanWes CosgroveClass 661199South East Queensland Off Road Racing Association SEQORRA
Guy ShoemarkSimon FinlayClass 8882Griffith Off Road Club
Russell Hartnett Class 101011Gympie Auto Sports Club
Stuart Chapman Class 101014Gympie Auto Sports Club
Steven GrahamElla GrahamClass 101065Griffith Off Road Club
James SantLizzy SantClass 111144Burdekin Offroaders Inc
Chris LandTanya GaudryUltimate80Burdekin Offroaders Inc
Craig BarnettMegan BarnettUltimate68Burdekin Offroaders Inc
Clayton Chapman Ultimate15Gympie Auto Sports Club
Darren FranklingClass 111110Sea Lake Off Road Club
Chri MartinUltimate92
Heath WeedonMichelle WeedonClass 7701Limestone Coast Off Road Club Inc
Darren MottClass 4435Sea Lake Off Road Club
Dean MeginleyDean DeMarcoClass 101087Griffith Off Road Club
Brendan HillIan HillClass 101004BIMIK RacingSydney Off Road Racing Association

Round 2 – 2024 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship

  • AASA permit number: AASA050724-101071
  • Promoted by Griffith Offroad Club Inc. 
  • Entries OPEN Monday 3 June 2024 @ 9am (ACST). Discounted Eentries close Friday 21 June 2024 @ midnight. Premium Entries close Friday 28 June 2024 @ Midnight.
  • Entries are limited to 100 and acceptance will be determined by order of receipt.
  • Contact griffithoffroadclub@gmail.com

Information to Prepare Before Entry:

Files to Upload (Preferred file size: 128MB or smaller, .jpg or .pdf format):

  • AASA Competition Licence for Competing Crew (driver, and co-driver or navigator *if applicable): This can be a screenshot or download from the aasa.com.au portal or photo of the licence.
  • Affiliated AORRA Club Membership Card for Competing Crew (driver, and co-driver or navigator *if applicable): Image of the side that shows the name, membership number, and expiry date.
  • AASA Vehicle Passport: Both pages showing passport number, owner, and address.
  • Temporary Passport Documentation: If applicable.

Vehicle Information:

  • Make.
  • Model.
  • Year.
  • Engine manufacturer.
  • Engine capacity.

Team Information (optional)

  • Team name.
  • Driver and navigator bio.
  • Sponsor information.
  • Uploaded photo of vehicle or team.

Service Crew Information:

  • First name and last name for all crew members.
  • Phone number for all crew members.
  • Age bracket of each crew member (16-17, 18 plus).
  • Parental details and signature required for service crew aged 16-17 years.

Camping Numbers:

  • Prepare the number of campers for inclusion on the entry form.

Important Notes:

  • Nominated service crew names cannot be changed after the form has been submitted.
  • No extra service crew passes will be available during the race weekend.
  • All competing and service crew members must sign the event entry disclaimer. If they are unavailable to sign during the entry process, their signature can be completed during Friday Competitor Check-in.
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