Rear facing blue safety light: UPDATE

Rear facing blue safety light: UPDATE

After the initial decision to trial the use of the rear facing Blue LED strobe lights on vehicles for 2019, and the feedback received from competitors after several races, we would like to confirm that from January 1st 2020 these will become compulsory for all vehicles competing in AORRA sanctioned events.

We would also like to make a statement on the quality of lights that have been used to this point. We have seen a small amount of underperforming lights and would like competitors to consider the quality of lights purchased. Saving a few dollars on eBay maybe putting your safety at risk. Please consider this when purchasing. If you are unsure about the quality or intensity of lights you have or about to purchase please do not hesitate to contact our Competitor Representative listed below.

The fitting of these will increase the visibility of vehicles in dusty conditions and therefore reduce the risk of collisions.


  • At least one rear facing blue strobing/flashing LED light.
  • Must be illuminated when main isolation switch is in the on position.
  • Face area of not less than 60 cm2 combined.
  • Must be visible from an angle of 45 degrees either side of the longitudinal axis of the vehicle.

For further information or clarification please contact your AORRA Competitor Representative:

Clayton Chapman
0427 222 051

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