Our Mission

At AORRA, our mission is to advance and elevate the Off Road Racing experience across Australia with a focus on transparency and honesty.

At AORRA, our mission is to advance and elevate the Off Road Racing experience across Australia with a focus on transparency and honesty. We unite enthusiasts through innovation and inclusivity, promoting fair competition and memorable experiences while upholding the highest standards of safety and integrity.

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Executive Team

Daniel Lamb


Michael Marson

Vice Chairperson & State Representative - WA

Amy Chapman


Leila Chapman


Tony Fehlhaber

Safety Representative

Amy Krog

Publicity Officer

Rob Chapman

Technical Representative

Brent Taylor

Technical Representative

Clayton Chapman

Competitor Representative

Tony Carabott

Competitor Representative

James Lochert

Officials Representative

Michael Fittler

State Representative - NSW

Aaron Haby

State Representative - SA & NT

Michael Collins

State Representative - QLD

Darren Mott

State Representative - VIC

Chris Land

State Representative - TAS

AORRA's Establishment and Democratic Structure

AORRA was established with the fundamental principle of providing a voice to all stakeholders in shaping the future of our sport. Clubs and competitors, whether affiliated or registered, hold the essential right to actively participate in voting on rule changes and the overall governance of our sport. Our democratically elected board represents a diverse cross-section of the sport and community.

This intentional structure ensures a seamless voting process across all stages, allowing for comprehensive input from all stakeholders. Moreover, it facilitates consultations with insurers, safety experts, and technical professionals, ensuring a thorough and accountable decision-making process. AORRA is committed to fostering transparency and inclusivity in every aspect of our sport.

AORRA Constitution

Contains the fundamental principles that outline our purpose, structure and limits. It provides the foundation on which we operate.

The Committee

The Committee is made up of people from across the off road racing community and manages all aspects of AORRA operations.

AORRA Social Media Policy

Explains how AORRA manages content in the social media, and expectations on the use and publication of this content.

Rule Change Flow Chart

View the AORRA Rule Change Flow Chart to navigate the step-by-step process, empowering stakeholders with a clear understanding of how rule modifications are proposed, reviewed, and implemented in our commitment to a fair and transparent off road racing environment.

AORRA Administrative Regulations

Outlines the procedural framework and guidelines governing the organizational and administrative aspects of off road racing events, ensuring clarity, consistency, and fairness in the execution of AORRA's operations.

AORRA Bylaws

Serve as the foundational rules and regulations that define the structure, responsibilities, and conduct of the association, providing a comprehensive framework for governance and ensuring adherence to the highest standards within the off road racing community.

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