Our Structure

AORRA was set up to give all stakeholders a say in how our sport is run. Clubs and competitors, affiliated or registered, have the right to vote on rule changes and how our sport is run. The board is democratically elected and consists of people from a wide cross section of the sport and community.

This system has been set up to allow the voting process to run smoothly through all stages and gives all stakeholders a say, it also allows for the insurers, safety and technical to be consulted to ensure total accountability.

Rule Change Flow Chart

Executive Team

The Executive Team comprises a broad range of members from the sport and community that have been elected to oversee the running of the sport.


Daniel Lamb

Vice Chairperson and State Representative – WA

Michael Marson


Denise Vaughan

Treasurer and Competitor Representative

Chris Land

Publicity Officer

Jeff Newick

State Representative – SA & NT

Aaron Haby

Technical Representative

Brent Taylor

Safety Representative

Tony Fehlhaber

Technical Representative

Rob Chapman

Competitor Representative

Clayton Chapman

State Representative - QLD

Michael Collins

State Representative - NSW

Michael Fittler

Officials Representative

James Lochert

State Representative – VIC

Darren Mott

State Representative – TAS