Chairperson’s Report 2022

Chairperson’s Report 2022

2021 once again was a year of uncertainty throughout the world due to the pandemic, with the lack of ability to plan and organise events with any certainty.

In saying this, QLD has yet again escaped most restrictions placed upon other states, allowing them to run a remarkably successful season, whilst some other states were struggling with restriction and uncertainty.

Even in these uncertain times the AORRA committee has been working in the background having regular Monthly meetings on zoom, with many discussions and suggestions, one being to create a new class. AORRA surveyed members and clubs and created class 11 – a class of vehicles that may not fit into existing classes. This will allow the development and adaptation of our sport into the future.

Our technical representatives and committee members have also been busy keeping the sport we love as safe as possible and yet as affordable as possible. With insurances becoming more expensive worldwide, it is important to review and assess many facets of our sport to ensure we can enjoy it in years to come.

This last year, it was great to see questions and feedback received from the clubs and members, as this is what we believe AORRA is all about.

I would welcome members and clubs to familiarize themselves with our committee and feel free to approach them with questions. Please remember that most of the committee are also racers and so, we ask you to please be mindful at events, that they may be focused on their racing.

We have again grown our member base of both affiliated clubs, promoters, licenses, and passbook holders to record numbers. This has shown that the sport of Off-Road Racing is still strong and getting stronger, with many competitors and cars ready to race the first chance they get.

I would like to thank the outgoing committee members and welcome new committee members along whilst also thanking the continuing committee members.


Ivan Robertson

AORRA Chairperson

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