After discussions with our insurer the AASA, we wish to notify all competitors of changes to the cost of a Passport (a Passport is the name that AORRA and the AASA use for a vehicle Logbook) for the upcoming 2019 season and further changes for 2020. Taking effect March 31st 2019 passport prices will increase by $50 to $100 to cover the real costs of managing and producing a passbook.

We also wish to notify of changes in the use of non AASA Passports/Logbooks for the 2020 season at AORRA events.
Taking effect January 1st 2020 all AORRA events will require competitors to hold a AASA Passport, no longer will an alternative supplier logbook alone be accepted to compete at these events, competitors will need to be transitioning to a AASA Passport.

We would highly recommend that competitors wishing to renew or obtain a Passport take advantage of the early notification and purchase prior to the price increase on March 31st 2019.

To purchase a Passport, competitors will need to go to the AASA website Passports section and fill out the required information to get their Passport. You can use the code AORRA which will allow you to purchase the passport at the reduced price of $50 up until the 31st of March 2019.

One of the major advantages of holding a Passport is it will give active competitors the ability to have their say in the future of our sport. When AORRA has any proposed changes to the sport that may affect competitors, those effected by the proposed change will be given the opportunity to vote/have a say on those proposed changes. Competitors have for many years been asking for a voice in their sport and now with AORRA you will be able to have your say in a democratic way. We hope that all competitors will see the benefit of holding the AASA Passport and understand that this move is to help improve and grow our sport.

We would also like to remind competitors of the advantages of holding a AASA/AORRA license with a large percentage of the licence fee going back to AORRA to help manage and improve our sport. We would also like to remind competitors that the AASA/AORRA licence costs are also significantly less than some alternatives.

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