Respect is all they ask…

Respect is all they ask…

Our sport is very privileged to receive the generosity of many landowners allowing us to conduct events on their properties that create their income and livelihood.

It is about time that everybody involved, from controlling bodies to clubs and competitors, take more responsibility in respecting these lands and landowners. It does not take much to cost the land owner hard earned money, just a car width off track or a deliberate shortcut, can ruin crops, soil and even feed for livestock. Land owners are becoming less understanding of this, last year alone at Stackpoole the damage to land was estimated at over $10,000.00.

This year we will be requesting event organisers of AORRA sanctioned events to take extra precautions to ensure that the land we use is protected. Recovery vehicles and all officials will be watching closer and reporting back anyone who appears to be going off track and action will be taken immediately, up to and including event disqualification.

All we ask is that you respect the land on which we race or in the future we will not have the opportunity.




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